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Utilities for MetaTrader

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Utility - mini program written in language MQL4(5) This section includes service indicators and scripts. Service indicators perform their work in the background without displaying any data, for example: automatic downloading of missing history of quotations, synchronization of graphs. Scripts are used to perform one-time tasks, for example: close unprofitable orders, clear graph from graphical constructions, send screenshot to mail and much more. Unlike indicators and experts, the script is executed once, for its repeated execution it needs to be run again. There are no built-in scripts in the MetaTrader4(5) client terminal. Most utilities can be downloaded for free.

Below is a list of utilities developed by our team for more comfortable work for the client terminal MetaTrader4(5):
utilities forex


The SynchroObjects utility is intended for convenience and acceleration of work with graphic constructions on different graphics of the same symbol. SynchroObjects clones the created objects to all the graphics on which the utility is running and having the same symbol. And also synchronously changes their properties.

utilities forex


The SynchroCharts utility allows you to simultaneously view historical quotes on several graphs by synchronizing graphics by time and timeframe.

The utility is easy to use and does not require any settings.

utilities forex

Screenshot of Orders

The Screenshot of Orders utility in the background creates screenshots of the chart at the moment of opening, modifying or closing the market order with all the indicators and graphical constructions that are on the chart.

utilities forex

Smart AutoScroll

Smart AutoScroll utility is designed to improve the standard function of the terminal "Autoscroll chart."

The utility will automatically disable the auto-scrolling of the chart when viewing the history.

utilities forex

Automatic Download Quotes

The Automatic Download Quotes utility in the background monitors the relevance of the historical quotations of a currency pair in the terminal and, if necessary, downloads the missing history from the server.

utilities forex

Cleans Chart

The Cleans Chart script allows you to clear a graph from all graphic objects with one click.

If you have an idea to create new indicators and utilities, and you are ready to share it with the whole world, you can leave your suggestion on the page Feedback
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