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Indicator - mini program written in language MQL4(5) As a rule, indicators serve for displaying lines, diagrams of given dependencies. Since the indicator is executed in the direct stream of the terminal, and also for security purposes, the indicator does not have the ability to conduct trading operations. There are already a number of built-in indicators in the MetaTrader4(5) client terminal, however, often built-in indicators are not enough, so the trader has to find or create his own custom indicators. Below is a list of free custom indicators developed by our team for more comfortable and informative work for the client terminal MetaTrader4 (5). Most indicators can be downloaded for free.

Below are the indicators developed by our team that you can download for free:
indicators forex


Exchange hours StockTime display the time of operation of the main stock exchanges and exchanges specified by the user. Thanks to the indicator StockTime you will always see the real time of the exchanges, since the indicator automatically performs the transition to summer / winter time and takes into account the broker's time zone.

indicators forex


The indicator HighLowClosePeriods displays on the chart lines of the maximum, minimum and closing levels of the previous periods. These levels are strong levels of support and resistance. The older the selected period, the stronger the levels.

indicators forex

Pivot Points

The indicator PivotPoints calculates and displays monthly, weekly and daily levels of support and resistance.

The indicator can calculate Pivot levels using the following methods: Standard method, Camarilla, Woodie, De Mark.

indicators forex


The indicator Gann Angles calculates and displays the angular lines of support and resistance Gunn. Displays the monthly, weekly and daily lines.

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